Travel insurance in the Netherlands

Travel insurances is an insurance that covers medical expenses, trip cancellations and other losses that occur while travelling. For a temporary stay in the Netherlands it would be advisable to take out a travel insurance. But, when do you need a travel insurance or what is meant by a temporary stay? You will need a travel insurance in the Netherlands when you are here on a business trip, family visit, as a student or doing an internship. You can take out a annual travel insurance or a short-term travel insurance. If you just want coverage for you stay in the Netherlands, a short-term travel insurance would be sufficient. If you are planning on going on holiday on multiple occasions this year, it would be smart to take out an annual travel insurance.

Studying or doing an internship

If you want to study or do an internship in Amsterdam, you would need to take out an travel insurance. In the Netherlands, it is required to have a minimum coverage of legal liability when you start working in a company. Every company in the Netherlands would wish to receive a certificate of insurance before you start working there. It is therefore of the highest importance to get your travel insurance arranged before you come to the Netherlands. Moreover, it is important to be insured for medical costs, emergency dental expenses and accidents.

Travel insurance coverage

Most travel insurances differ from one another, but most of them have the same basic coverage. This basic coverage contains limited health insurance without medical acceptance. Medical acceptance in this case means that you will have to answer some questions about year health and medical situation. The insurer assesses these answers and decides if you can take out the travel insurance and under which terms and conditions. Moreover, this coverage contains SOS-costs with a maximum of €500.000 euro.

Additional coverage

If you want additional coverage you would have to pay a bit extra. In some cases, this would be smart. Additional coverage could be coverage for trip cancellations, which could be due to reasons like; death, bodily injury, illness, disease, or pregnancy. Moreover, you can insure yourself for lost luggage, flight accident or other losses that occurred while travelling.

The best travel insurance in the Netherlands

Univé is a well-known insurance company that offers attractive travel insurance packages. They offer annual travel insurance and short-term travel insurance. Moreover, it is an insurance company that is well known for its quality service and customer support. They have more than 130 stores in the Netherlands, and if you are already visiting the Netherlands it would also be an option to go there and take out the insurance that fits to your wishes.