The best hotels in Amsterdam

It can be difficult to find an apartment right away in Amsterdam. You could consider staying in an hotel if you are visiting Amsterdam and you don’t have an apartment yet. There are many beautiful hotels in Amsterdam, especially in the city centre. Finding the right hotel in Amsterdam is important, since it has a huge influence on your stay in Amsterdam. There are different kinds of hotels in Amsterdam; luxury hotels, boutique hotels and budget hotels. We have selected the hotels that are affordable for expats and normal visitors.

Hotels in Amsterdam

There are a lot of different hotels in Amsterdam. It is important to know where you want to stay. Do you want to stay in one of the hotels in Amsterdam central or on the outskirts of Amsterdam? The hotels in Amsterdam central can be noisy at night or on the weekends and if you are here for a business trip we would advice you to stay outside of the city centre. Not only location plays a role when searching for a good hotel, you will also need to decide on your budget. We created 3 different hotel categories since not everybody can afford to stay in the same hotels:

1. Budget hotels: if you are looking for a cheap hotel in Amsterdam because your budget is limited you should consider staying in a budget hotel. Budget hotels in Amsterdam are the lowest category of hotels that provides the rooms and meals at cheap cost. One night in a budget hotel in Amsterdam will cost 40-70 euro for a double room.

2. Business hotels: if you are looking to stay at an hotel during your business trip in Amsterdam you could consider staying in business hotel. Business hotels in Amsterdam primarlily cater to business travellers and are located in Amsterdam central or near the business district in Amsterdam-Zuid (Zuidas). One night in a budget hotel in Amsterdam will cost 90-200 euro for a double room.

3. Luxury hotels: if you are looking for a luxury hotel in during your stay in Amsterdam you could consider staying at one of the high-end luxury hotels in Amsterdam. Luxury hotels in Amsterdam primarily cater to the upper class and are often located in the city centre. Luxury hotels in Amsterdam cost around 200-500 euro per night for a double room or a suite.

Once you know in which category you belong you can choose the hotel that you want. Most hotels in Amsterdam can be found online via hotel booking websites. There are different websites where you can search for an hotel with more detail (price, size, district) than other websites. We have selected the most reliable hotel booking websites in the Netherlands.

List of hotel booking websites

The best hotels in amsterdam

These websites all offer different hotels at different prices. If you are looking for hotels in Amsterdam city centre, you can find a lot of them on websites like They offer a lot of different hotels in Amsterdam, but they are located throughout the city and differ in price. Comparing all the hotels in Amsterdam can take up a lot of your time. Are you wondering which hotel is according to Dutch inhabitants the best hotel in Amsterdam? We have listed the best hotels in Amsterdam for you below:

The best budget hotel in Amsterdam: one of the cheapest and cleanest hotels in Amsterdam is the Rembrandt Square Hotel. This hotel is located in the city centre and it is just 11 km from Schiphol airport. Prices range on a normal day (no holidays) from 35 to 90 euro. You can easily look online if they have rooms available. Remrandt square is in the middle of the city centre so keep in mind that it can be noisy on the weekends.

The best business hotel in Amsterdam: one of the best business hotels in Amsterdam is the Mercure hotel. The Mercure hotel is located in the southern part of Amsterdam and features a sauna and fitness center. From here, you have excellent connections to the Zuid-As (business centre), Amsterdam RAI, Ziggo dome and Schiphol. It is used by many people who are on a business trip, or people who do not want to stay in the busy city centre. Prices range between 90 to 190 euro per night.

The best luxury hotel in Amsterdam: one of the most luxuries hotels is the Toren in Amsterdam. It is not the most famous or the most decadent hotel, but an hotel with style which will give you the real Amsterdam feeling. No Hilton, no Waldorf Astoria – this is pure Dutch class. The Toren is located in the middle of Amsterdam with beautiful view over the canals. It is within walking distance of the Dam, Royal Palace and the Jordaan. Prices range between 130 to 420 euro per night.