Student insurance Netherlands

Student Health Insurance in the Netherlands

In most cases it is mandatory to take out a Dutch health insurance for students. If you have plans to study in the Netherlands it is very important that you are properly insured for healthcare. Luckily, most Dutch health insurance companies offer custom student health insurance packages with excellent benefits. In some cases, it is also sufficient to take out a health insurance in your home country.

Student insurance Netherlands

When are you obliged to take out a Dutch public health insurance? You are obliged to take out a student health insurance in the Netherlands when you are planning to work during your studies or if you are doing a paid internship or traineeship. Also, if you are planning to stay 1 year or longer in the Netherlands you will need to take out student health insurance.

Health insurance in your home country

You are not obliged to take out a health insurance in the Netherlands if you are planning on studying in the Netherlands and you are younger than 30 years of age. It is allowed to keep your health care insurance of your home country, if you can prove to the Dutch authorities that your stay is temporary. The Dutch authorities in this case are the Sociale Verzerkeringsbank. Their website is in multiple languages which enables you to find a lot of information on your own.

The process

If you want to take out public healthcare insurance in the Netherlands, you will need a Dutch ID-number (BSN – Burgerservicenummer). You can obtain this number at your local municipality. You will need to bring your passport in order to obtain this BSN number. If you already have a Dutch ID-number you can easily apply online for one of the public health insurance companies in the Netherlands.

List of student health insurance companies

So, what are the best public health insurance companies in the Netherlands and which of them offers the best coverage for students? We have listed below the most frequently used student health insurances. All of them offer good coverage and a good premium.

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* offers different packages or custom coverage.

These insurers all offer different health insurance options and packages which vary in price and quality. Comparing all student health insurance companies can be time-consuming. All these insurance companies are trustworthy and offer the excellent coverage. How do you find the best student insurance in the Netherlands? We have listed the solution to this question below:

The best student insurance in the Netherlands

Independer: student insurance comparison platform

Independer health insuranceIf you are not sure which health insurance fits you best, you could compare health insurances on Independer is a Dutch comparison platform where you can compare health insurances. More than 300.000 Dutch inhabitants already used Independer to compare their health insurance. They offer an online comparison service where you can compare different student health insurances within minutes. You can select your specific wishes on the website of Independer and they will tell you which insurance fits best to your needs.

Student insurance checklist

Choosing the right student health insurance once you come to the Netherlands is of high importance and it could save you a lot of money. Firstly, you will need to be aware of any medical conditions that you have before taking out a student insurance in the Netherlands. Medical costs arising from an existing medical condition are generally not covered by Dutch insurance companies. Secondly, if you are doing a part-time job or paid internship in the Netherlands you are obliged to take out health insurance in the Netherlands. It is important that you know that this type of insurance covers only your medical expenses. You might be eligible for compensation for your insurance premium – healthcare benefit (‘zorgtoeslag’ in Dutch). Once you have everything clear, you can choose your student health insurance. If you still have any questions regarding insurance you can look at this checklist from the Dutch government.

Home insurance

If you are looking for a home insurance we would recommend Centraal Beheer. They offer excellent premiums and coverage.