Mobile operators in the Netherlands

It is always difficult to choose the right mobile operator when you move to another country. Roaming is an option if you have an existing contract in another country- on long-term however, this could become expensive. It is important to know the mobile operators, who is who and what are the rates of the contract. Comparing all mobile operators can take up a lot of your time. With our tips we will ensure that you will sign-up for the best operator. We have only selected the mobile operators that offer transparent and clear contracts to non-Dutch speakers.


The mobile network in the Netherlands is excellent and you have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a mobile provider. When you are looking for a prepaid SIM card for your phone keep in mind that you will have pay more for phone calls and internet services. If you are staying for a short time in the Netherlands however, this could be something worth considering. If you are planning to stay longer than one year, acquiring a contract is the right choice for you. The longer the contract, the less you have to pay for the phone and the better conditions you will get.

Roaming in the Netherlands

Recently the roaming rules changed within the EU. The new “roam like at home” rules mean that when you use your mobile phone while travelling outside your home country in any EU country you don’t have to pay any additional roaming charges. The new rules are intended for people who visit a country for a short period of time – it is not meant to be used for permanent roaming . If you are planning to stay for a longer period in the Netherlands, we strongly advice against roaming since you can get a big fine if you get caught.

List of mobile operators in the Netherlands

What are the best mobile operators in the Netherlands? And, which of them offers the best mobile network in the Netherlands? We have listed below the most frequently used mobile internet providers in the Netherlands.

Sim-only 1 year contract

These mobile operators all offer different options and packages which can vary in price. Comparing all mobile operators can be time-consuming. We have listed the most reliable mobile operators below. When you have found the right provider, be sure to buy the mobile subscription online. This is often cheaper than in a store. We have listed some other tips and tricks at the bottom of the page to ensure that the sign-up process goes as smoothly as possible.


mobile provider netherlandsYoufone is a relatively new company which is disrupting the mobile operators market in the Netherlands. Youfone offers competitive deals and good network coverage everywhere in the Netherlands – they use the premium network of KPN. You can easily select on their website if you want to have a Sim Only deal for one month or for two years. This feature makes Youfone one of the most chosen mobile operators by expats. Youfone and Tele2 are the only companies in the Netherlands that offer monthly terminable subscriptions. Youfone currently offers a maximum download speed of 256 Mbit/s and an upload speed of 150 Mbit/s, which makes them one of fastest 4-G network operators in the Netherlands. You can easily subscribe online and you will have your 4-G connection in no-time.


Tele2 mobile operatorTele2 is a well-known mobile operator in the Netherlands and one of the oldest players on the market. KPN has been the largest telecom provider in the Netherlands for some years, but recently lost that spot to Tele2. Their main advantage is that they offer simple and clear contracts, which ensures their customers that there will be no surprises at the end of the month. They currently offer SIM Only packages that are monthly terminable. This is a great advantage for expats since you won’t be stuck to a long-term contract. They offer 4G connection throughout the whole country at a relatively cheap rate. Tele2 enables their customers to choose a monthly terminable SIM Only contract where you can change your options (data bundles and amount of calling minutes) per month. This can come in handy when you are not sure on how much data you will actually need.


best mobile operatorOne of the biggest players on the market is KPN. KPN offers good network coverage in the Netherlands and 4-G internet. What makes KPN popular among expats and foreigners is that they provide a clear overview over the different contract options that they offer. KPN is a trustworthy mobile provider which is used by a lot of Dutch inhabitants. KPN offers a fast delivery service (1 or 2 days), which means you don’t have to wait long to be connected. They offer multiple Sim only packages where you can choose between a 1 or 2-year Sim only contract. Moreover, if you are looking for a mobile phone in combination with a mobile contract you are also at the right place at KPN.

Tips and tricks

We have listed some tips and tricks to ensure that you will find the mobile operator that fits to your needs. These tips and tricks will ensure that the sign-up process will go as smoothly as possible.

  • Be sure that you find a SIM Only contract that fits to the duration of your stay in the Netherlands.
  • Be sure that your mobile phone is unlocked and that your phone can switch to another carrier.
  • Be sure to buy an additional headset or car kit if you own a car, since using your mobile phone while driving is illegal in the Netherlands.
  • Be sure that you have the following nearby during the sign-up process: proof of identity and bank account details.
  • Be sure to buy your phone subscription online- this is often cheaper than in a store.