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The best online shopping stores in the Netherlands – Expat shopping

Online shopping has taken the world by storm. The trend that started way back when eCommerce started to boom has now become a major flag bearer. There are many online sites today which specialize in selling many goods. While many of these are known to keep almost all types of essential and grocery products in their kitty, others are limited to one type of service only. In this era of online shopping Netherlands as a country also zooms ahead and has created a niche for itself. The provision of online shopping Netherlands has made the lives of many expats traveling to the country easier. However, as with other countries worldwide, there are certain parameters that one has to follow while shopping online in the country.

Before barging ahead for online shop Netherlands, you will need the below details: First, you need to have an email address. Secondly, credit card details are a must. Third and last, you need to have a bank account in the Netherlands for online transactions.

There are in total of four major categories of online shops in the Netherlands; there are online grocery shopping websites in the Netherlands, online clothes shopping websites, Online shops that sell electronics, and bike shops where you can purchase your first Dutch bike. For starters, expats can log into, which is the Dutch version of Amazon. It is a good website for finding everything you need. When you are looking for more specific websites or products then please have a look at the websites mentioned below.

Where to Shop For Clothes in the Netherlands?

Moving to any country is a pretty hectic thing. First of all, you do not have any idea about the traditions and culture. Secondly, language diction makes up a major problem. In all these scenarios, one thing which is like a necessity is clothes.

The Netherlands has many websites which have the best of fashionable clothes in their kitty. Today’s fast-paced life leaves a very slim space for offline shopping for merchandise. However, when you are in the Netherlands, you can safely lay this worry to rest. There are many a-list shopping sites which not only help you get the best of deals but also boast of a broader category. They are:

  • Zalando is an online website for clothes functional in the Netherlands. The shopping site houses all the major fashion brands starting from PUMA to Calvin Klein, along with shoes and baby clothes, which make it fascinating. The online site accepts all sorts of debit card and credit card payments and has free shipping; 100 days return policy, and free returns for the users

  • Jack wolfskin is another website which has highly fashionable clothes is Jack Wolfskin. The online site has everything right from attires, inners, shoes, and casual wear, which makes it best for people. Also, all the garments and products listed on the site are inclusive of taxes and have free shipping and return policy, which makes it worth your time.

  • Scotch and Soda is another website that is highly segregated, which makes it easy for shoppers. The website has the trendiest collection of clothes for men, women, girls, and boys. If, for any reason, if you are not satisfied with the purchase, there is a sixty-day return window, which is applicable only for garments. Other than that, fragrances and detergents cannot be returned.

Where to Buy Online Grocery in the Netherlands?

Apart from clothes, grocery is another important thing which is highly needed by the people. To make grocery shopping in the Netherlands easier, we have listed two major websites:

  • Albert Heijn: one of the biggest online supermarkets in the Netherlands in Alberth Heijn. The store has everything, including vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and meat, beer, and bakery products, making it easy for people living in the country. The delivery system is free, which is even more helpful for everyone.
  • Jumbo: Jumbo is another major supermarket chain in the Netheand, which makes online grocery shopping normal and easy. The store keeps fresh products in all grocery categories and also has a money-back guarantee, which makes shopping even smoother.

Where to Shop Electronics in The Netherland?

The Netherlands has impressive facilities for people who live in the country, and that holds for the electronics food items also. There are primarily two websites which are termed as the best for electronics goods. They are:

  • when it comes to electronics online,’s name always spirals up to the top. The website has such a diverse variety of products, which makes it a winner in every way. The reason why many people love buying electronics online is an amazing category of goods available. Also, when it comes to comparing the specifications, it is easier to do so online.
  • Media marktMedia Markt is another site which has made a name for itself in the sector of electronics goods. The online site has its branches almost over Europe and specializes in all electronics, which makes it one of a kind for customers. With so many goods to choose from, it becomes easy for the end audiences to easily pick their favorites.

Where to Shop For Bike Online in the Netherlands?

Staying in any country without a means of personal transport is frustrating. If you are planning to move to the Netherlands, then having a bike will help you explore the country easily. There are two major websites where you can avail a bike, and they are:

  • Bol.comhas an extensive collection of bikes online, which makes every user’s search easy. The bikes present on the site have been priced modestly and thus help you in many ways in uncovering the beautiful country.

  • Decathlon: is another website which helps people to afford bikes online. One of the prime reasons to own a bike in the Netherlands is limited to travel purposes. It helps people to explore the countryside at their convenience, which counts as the most critical factor. Decathlon has the coolest range of bikes available at modest price ranges, which make it, even more, the best.


Moving to a new country for a short time or a long period is never an easy decision. Therefore, whenever you plan to move to the Netherlands, keep these options posted above open as these portals give you the best of services in the nation.